adam is a semi-notable boarder based in london. his internet persona heavily relies on two things: him being a stereotypical person from the southern part of great britain and his penchant for heavy metal. the former means that he is like most internet users from outside the united states, blandly pointing out the differences between the usa and their country. the latter has caused mild hilarity in the past due to the relative non-basement-dwellingness (emphasis on relative) of the rest of the board, with most favouring less extreme forms of white guys with guitars music. however, this trait has become less relevant in recent years due to the expansion of forum music tastes, so now he's like every other fucker. also he has a girlfriend or something. this used to mark him out as a notable boarder but now that being in a relationship is becoming the norm, he'll have to find another personality trait to continue to be considered interesting.


  • 2005: joins the forum, posts with enthusiasm about season 17 episodes of the simpsons
  • 2006: announces self to off topic by posting scary looking pictures of self
  • 2007: accidentally listens to sufjan stevens one day making his board status rise slightly
  • 2008: wins the music showdown by nominating a dinosaur jr track everyone already loves
  • 2009: becomes a candidate for nate's "most normal boarders" by continuing a long-ish relationship
  • 2010: officially becomes a second tier member of brent's entourage (or "brentourage")
  • 2011: writes one article for the ill-fated nerdgroupies, meaning he is joint second most frequent contributor
  • 2012: finally settles into his niche of decent-ish media posting and bad, thumbs pandering jokes
  • 2013 and beyond: is still boarding